How to plan a wedding from A-Z? This is a question that many people ask about when to plan their wedding. THO’s Wedding Planner & Decoration will share with you a detailed wedding planning

Wedding planning service list
Wedding planning service list

Create a timeline and checklists

The detailed and complete wedding planning is that the two families will meet and agree on the time and plan for the wedding day. Unify the stages of the wedding ceremony to have enough time to prepare in the most convenient and reasonable way. List the necessary expenses of the wedding on a specific checklist.

After the two families meet, you need to have a more detailed wedding plan. should choose a good date to consult the restaurant in advance. Followed by wedding photography at least 3 months before the wedding. Because that way the studio will have time.

Set a budget

The wedding budget is a factor that affects the form and size of the wedding. The more detailed the expenses listed, the lower the undesirable risks can be reduced. Therefore, everyone should discuss together, give opinions and carefully review the cost items to come up with a complete wedding preparation plan.

Besides, choosing the menu is equally important. Depending on your wedding budget, each table can range from 1.5 million to 4 million. However, no matter how much the price is, there should be a choice of dishes that are reasonable, delicious, and avoid waste.

Create a guest list

Wedding invitation cards are an important step in wedding planning and controlling the information printed on the wedding card must be complete and accurate, including the full name of the bride and groom, the parents’ names on both sides, The date and time of the wedding ceremony, the start time of the wedding party and the venue…

Wedding planning involves making a guest list to avoid missing important people or being duplicated. List your guests by groupings, such as cousins, middle school friends, high school friends, college friends, old company friends, current company friends, Friends of the same age, and brothers in the clan, …

How to make a wedding guest list with an Excel file is the first choice to easily edit, change and later save the guest’s welcome amount conveniently.

Create a guest list - wedding planning services
Create a guest list – wedding planning services

Choose a theme or style

Plan your wedding outdoors or in a cozy space. What is the main color of the wedding decoration? If you have planned your wedding according to your wishes, let’s discuss and make the most suitable choice.

There are many ideal wedding photography locations, such as taking pictures outdoors at a tourist destination or taking photos at a professional studio according to your favorite “concept”. Wedding photos are not only for keeping memories but also to help personalize your wedding space in a very personal way.

Select a date and venue

Depending on the number of guests, location, and budget of your family, you will have options for your own wedding venue. You can ask acquaintances or people you have married before or attended. Research on the internet about prices and service quality to make the right decision for your wedding. Depending on the number of guests, location, and budget of your family, you will have options for your own wedding venue.

Plan the ceremony

Wedding planning with a clear and logical sequence takes a lot of experience to deliver a sensible program. With a team of experienced organizers, from planning to event coordination, we will advise and support you and your family throughout the process of welcoming and organizing the wedding ceremony.

Plan the ceremony
Plan the ceremony


Plan the reception

To have a complete and meaningful wedding, each family member is assigned to perform their duties. For example, the bride and groom on the wedding day will be in charge of welcoming guests outside the lobby. The rest of the family will share in charge of receiving guests, visiting guests, managing money boxes, etc.

Check the wedding planner again. Reconfirm with all wedding support service parties about the contact address and phone number.

Select wedding attire

Surely any bride and groom want to put on the best wedding dress to make a great impression on their big day. Therefore, you should choose the wedding dress you like and match the look and style of the party the most. Besides, you can ask the staff to advise you on the suitable wedding dress model, show off your advantages, and harmonize with the other’s dress.

Plan decorations

If you have an idea about the theme of the wedding that you want to make, you can bring it up for the family to consider and prepare. themed decorations or the freshest flowers for each season of the year. With trendy colours and a layout from classic to modern at a reasonable budget, you and your family can consider using this service package without having to worry or think much about a plan. decorative shopping.

The most attention in the decoration of the wedding ceremony is not only the beautiful design. Make careful wedding planning about the price of the attached services such as a patio for dining, tables, and chairs for two families, engagement gifts, tables, cups, cups, teapots, wine bottles, vases with flowers, etc.

Plan decorations
Plan decorations

THO’s Wedding Planner & Decoration

THO’s Wedding is a full-service wedding planning and consulting company, specializing in organizing special celebrations for clients from all over the world. We serve domestic and international clients who appreciate professional assistance in planning their weddings in locations across Vietnam and abroad. We always follow and express the wishes of our customers with class and proportion in each design.

More than providing services, we build a close connection between wedding planners and couples to understand their needs, dreams, and visions of their celebration of love.

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