Do you want to get married in 2023 but aren’t sure what kind of decorations to use? You’re not by yourself. Making decisions for a wedding is a stressful process since couples want everything to be perfect for such a beautiful day. But, to get you started in the correct creative direction, here are some wedding decoration ideas that will be fashionable in 2023.

How to decorate your wedding to portray your love?
How to decorate your wedding to portray your love?

Choosing Your Wedding Theme and Style 

Choose a wedding style that suits the couple’s personality 

The style you select will impact the entire atmosphere of your wedding day. Every couple is unique and has their own style, which should be elegantly expressed throughout both the wedding ceremony and celebration.

  • Modern elegance: Are you a little out of the ordinary yet like to stick to the rules? Then you’re probably a modern couple. Fashion-forward and trendsetting are excellent descriptors for this personality feature, which is full of sophistication yet heavy on the sass! You are most likely in this category if you have been described as stylish, chic, innovative, fashionable, and/or current.
  • Romantic: Have you spent your entire life hoping to meet your soulmate? Then you are most likely romantic at heart. Now that you’ve discovered your partner in crime, you’re probably picturing the perfect fairytale wedding to kick off your new chapter. Sensitive, sentimental, lavish, poetic, and dreamy are words that best characterize you as a Romantic.
  • The timeless classics: Classic couples have distinct, high-quality, and timeless style. If Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O, or James Dean and George Clooney, inspire you, and your dress sense is tasteful and traditional, you must have classic style. Classically dressed people are generally described as elegant, refined, polished, graceful, and ageless.
  • Natural wonders: Is there anything more beautiful than nature? You are most likely a natural couple if you are a bit of a wild child who likes to go with the flow and let the wind blow over your hair. If you draw inspiration from the land and culture and feel at one with nature, then surround your wedding with this good energy! Words that best characterize you as someone who appreciates the natural beauty that surrounds us include magical, earthy, whimsical, eclectic, and ethereal.
Natural wedding decoration
Natural wedding decoration

The most popular wedding theme today 

  • Popular Media-Based Themes
  • Traditional Weddings
  • Bohemian Theme
  • Modern, Casual Weddings
  • Garden/Whimsical Theme

Essential Elements of Wedding Decor 

Ceremony Decorations 

Despite being the most essential portion of a wedding day, the ceremony is the venue where your guests will spend the least amount of time—so don’t squander your funds here. Altar décor should be highlighted, but if you want to liven things up even more, you can line the aisle path, use intriguing benches or seats, and sprinkle in personalized touches like a welcome sign and ceremony programs.

Decorate the reception counter 

Because the reception is where your guests will spend the majority of their time, it makes it logical for it to consume the majority of your wedding décor expenditure. The majority of your attention should be focused on tabletop décor (more on that later), and how you allocate the remainder is mainly determined by the number of people attending. 

Other entertaining reception décor trends include neon signs, unique backgrounds behind the couple or sweetheart table, and printed tent fabrics for luxury weddings.

Entrance and Foyer Decor 

  • It should be illuminated with bulbs or fairy lights.
  • Maintain it with drapes and only drapes, this room is simple yet attractive.
  • Cherry blossom trees can be used to make some enchantment.
  • Metallic tassels add a touch of glitz and shine.
  • Enhance the walkway with cascading mogra embellishments.
  • Include flower-filled paths. 

Outdoor Wedding Decorations 

Aside from your wedding arch or other ceremony background, you can personalize your ceremony aisle with aisle markers, floral arrangements, and other decorative touches to transform it into the outdoor venue of your dreams. To get your creative juices flowing ahead of your wedding, we’ve compiled a list of our top wedding aisle decoration ideas for a variety of themes, seasons, and venue types: 

  • Hurricane lamps
  • Stumpy trees
  • Chairs with ribbons
  • Rugs made in the past
  • Bunches of greenery
  • Barrels for wine
  • Floral columns
Wedding decor with stumpy trees
Wedding decor with stumpy trees

Budgeting and Planning for Wedding Decor 

Expect to spend $200 to $3000 on the ceremony and $1,000 to $15,000 on the reception for an outdoor wedding. Indoor weddings are more expensive, with average ceremony costs ranging from $500 to $5,000 and reception costs varied substantially.

Tips for cost-effective wedding decorations 

  • Concentrate on the details that will have the greatest impact.
  • Find stuff that can be repurposed.
  • Try not to get too cunning. 

Should you hire a professional wedding decoration service? 

If you have a straightforward and uncomplicated room to work with, you might think about hiring a professional wedding designer. If your room is literally four blank walls, consider investing in amazing lighting, wall hanging, and one-of-a-kind rentals to bring it to life. A blank canvas is every decorator’s fantasy since it can be transformed into anything.


THO’s aim is to become a trusted partner as well as a friend in the couples’ journey, with 8 years of expertise in the wedding industry. We constantly endeavor to make each wedding a one-of-a-kind story in which the couples are the inspirations, rather than just a simple wedding. A wedding is a statement of love and pride for us, and each wedding should reflect the best qualities of each couple.

Wedding decoration of THO’S
Wedding decoration of THO’S

When planning an important event, such as a wedding reception, decoration is critical in order to create a lovely and romantic setting for your big day. A wedding  decoration is more than just arranging tables and chairs, flowers, and lanterns. A precise and competent décor plan is required to create a romantic and beautiful setting. Contact the hotline (+84) 905 223 049 or (+84) 905 090 407 right away so that THO can assist you as soon as possible.


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