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Hannah & Hayden,

Hannah and Hayden are among the most adorable couples we have ever worked with. With such a beautiful couple, the concept for their destination wedding had to be equally exquisite.

Their love story turned to a new page with a wedding ceremony in the beautiful city of Da Nang. They came to THO’s Wedding with the desire to have a memorable wedding with the people they love.


Both Hannah and Hayden enjoyed their special day from the jump. They spent the morning getting ready with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, who are the couple’s best friends.

Hannah, Hayden and their friend had memorable moments during the time before the ceremony began. We can feel through the pictures that they were very happy <3


Even though we’ve seen each other many times before, we’re sure that “this look” will bring both of us very special feelings. Burst into emotion at the moment the groom saw the bride in a sparkling wedding dress.


Setting a dress code is also an important thing that contributes to creating beautiful frames for the wedding, in addition, this also brings people together.

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In addition to letting guests fully enjoy delicious food and wine, Hannah and Hayden also specifically chose a concept with lots of fresh flowers to perfect the party atmosphere. The concept was inspired by their love story, and was realized at the Intercontinental Resort by THO’s Wedding Planner in Danang

/ Wedding Ceremony /

The creamy white tone is simple but still exudes elegance and sophistication. A romantic concept designed based on the couple’s style and sweet love story.

/ Dinner Reception /

If the ceremony concept is luxurious and sophisticated, then when switching to the evening party concept, choosing dynamic color tones with vibrant floral styles will make the party more interesting.


Bride Hannah was very thoughtful in preparing special gifts for all guests attending the wedding. Great things are shared with everyone. This was probably one of the most special weddings we have ever done. Thank you couple Hannah & Hayden for bringing wonderful emotions to THO’s Wedding Planner Danang


Ending the party by dancing to your favorite music, or watching fireworks in the night sky with everyone will be wonderful moments to close the party night.

Hannah & Hayden’s wedding left everyone with a lot of emotions. For us too, this is probably one of the most memorable weddings that THO’s Wedding has ever organized.

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