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Wedding At FOR YOU Luxury Da Nang


“White Garden” is the name that best suits Phat and Nam’s Wedding at FOR YOU Luxury with a royal style but still warm and cozy. This concept specifically uses 100% fresh flowers, creating a luxurious and sophisticated wedding space.

The decoration of the dinner party space will be specially conceptualized and designed based on the love story of Phat & Nam. A romantic love story under the moonlight and filled with intense meaning and as vivid as a tropical forest. Furthermore, this concept also gives attendees a new, peaceful feeling, completely different from other concepts.

The moment the bride entered the auditorium, she was emotional and had tears in her eyes when she saw that THO’s team had decorated her Wedding at FOR YOU Luxury into a real tropical forest. Because, there is nothing more joyful and happy than when all the team’s preparation efforts are appreciated and touch the hearts of the bride and groom.

Phat & Nam were truly Prince and Princess in this very concept. A beautiful love story has turned a new page. It’s a pleasure to accompany the bride and groom on their big day. Being able to personally conceptualize and realize the ceremony scene is the greatest honor of THO’s team.

Trang tri đám cưới tại ForU Luxury Đà Nẵng

Decorating a wedding party is like shrinking a corner of the sky, encapsulating it in a romantic wedding space with lots of fresh flowers and green leaves. Contained in it are the meanings and wishes of everyone for the couple.

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