Đám cưới phong cách Vintage

Tri  &  Thy,

Vintage wedding is one of my favorite themes: it is classic, elegant, and timeless. It is one wedding theme that will never go out of style.”

This is a saying that Tri once said when meeting THO’s Planner team. The moment we listened to the love story of the two of you, we felt the sincerity from deep within Tri and the deep respect that Thy had for this love.


The preparation process lasted more than 4 months, from coming up with ideas for concepts, program scripts, to connecting with support units, everything was planned specifically in each stage.

During their time with Thy & Tri, this couple always brings a source of positive energy, spreading the vitamin of love to everyone around them, and especially the couple is not afraid to show their affection, making everyone jealous.


Vintage – Style is never out of date in outdoor wedding decoration. Have you ever thought about finding romance from this classic style? If not, let’s find out more about what a Vingate-style outdoor wedding would be like with THO’s!

destination wedding dalat vietnam


For an outdoor vintage wedding, THO’s Planner will create a script, separating the ceremony and the dinner party. The wedding will be held from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., with the participation of Tri & Thy’s closest loved ones.

destination wedding planner dalat
Destination wedding in Dalat


Couples don’t worry too much about separating the wedding day into two parts, because THO’s team will make the most of the concept of the wedding ceremony and dinner party. For example, using the wedding flower gate as the main stage for the dinner party and combining other accessories helps the couple save costs but still create a new space.


HatJazz Band is a band with many years of experience with a luxurious Jazz style, combined with a bit of classical music. We were very impressed with the way the band controlled the atmosphere with music at the party that night according to the timeline THO’s team had prepared in advance.

destination wedding dalat vietnam


 Tri & Thy’s first dance after officially being together was super cute. Even though they were not professional dancers, everyone couldn’t take their eyes off this couple, because throughout the dance, the two of them were constantly “acting out”..

destination wedding dalat vietnam

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