Important days are always profound memories engraved in everyone’s minds. For the ceremony to be truly, completely educational, you must plan and prepare very early. In addition to choosing a wedding decoration unit, an important and unsafe job is to find a full wedding photography service at professional studios to own excellent wedding photos.

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Vietnam Destination Wedding Photographers

chụp ảnh cưới trọn gói

Pre-Wedding Photographer

Pre-Wedding is a set of photos or a video that records all the events that take place before the wedding day, including behind-the-scenes scenes such as the process of taking wedding photos, trying on wedding dresses or the process of cleaning and decorating the house.

pre wedding

With the Pre-Wedding photo set, in addition to its meaning as a keepsake and love mark, it is also used as a wedding decoration tool. You can place a Welcome photo right in front of the lobby or place beautiful small photos on the Gallery table area.

Chụp ảnh pre-wedding

To make a video or a set of Pre Wedding photos will take a lot of effort from you and the production crew. The process will last about 1 – 2 months if there are additional issues. Besides, the cost to shoot and record a Pre Wedding video is also quite high, the lowest is 450 USD for a basic video and the highest is 1300 USD for a well-groomed Pre Wedding video with a variety of angles, locations and pages. dress.

Destination Wedding and Party photographer packages.

Chụp hình lễ cưới
Wedding Ceremony

Outdoor wedding photography is a popular trend among young people today. Because it delivers natural, realistic photos. Not only that, outdoor photography is also an interesting experience for the bride and groom.

Chụp hình tiệc cưới
Wedding Party

The cost to photograph and film an outdoor wedding ceremony is also quite high, the lowest is 400 USD for a crew of 2-3 photographers and the highest is 1300 USD for a crew of 4-5 photographers.

Chụp hình tiệc cưới
Wedding party

Vietnam Destination Wedding Photographer & Film

A reportage wedding film is a type of film that records all events taking place during the wedding ceremony according to the customs and culture of each region. It can be roughly understood that wedding reportage filming is a type of film in the style of a reportage film, shot on the day of the wedding. Shooting a wedding reportage will deeply and truthfully portray all aspects of that important day.

Currently, to make a WEDDING VIDEO REPORT, the price ranges from $400 to $1,400 depending on the number of cameras and the level of sophistication you require. However, take a look at the wedding day package because when you book everything in one place, it will be much more economical than booking one service at each place.

Please distinguish carefully between reportage videos and traditional videos because the quality of reportage videos is very high and the content is also sophisticated because it is much more elaborately staged than traditional videos that are simply recorded from beginning to end of the wedding ceremony.

Notes when choosing a destination wedding photographer.

1. Determine your budget for destination wedding photographer

Although wedding photography is a part of the couple’s entire wedding preparation journey, it also takes a lot of time to figure out how to get the best images and with the most reasonable budget. Therefore, many couples often choose to set pre-wedding photography items, renting costumes, makeup, hiring a camera crew, making photo albums, etc., each with a fixed budget to reduce costs. Reduce financial pressure after the wedding and partly eliminate options beyond your means.

2. Check out some wedding photography studios

While wedding services are increasingly diverse and developing, especially on social networking platforms. Brides and grooms can easily find information about wedding photography studios on Facebook, Tiktok,… Wedding album photo samples, styles, service prices, and incentives are information that couples can Find out for yourself in advance to save time and effort.

3. Preview your wedding photography style

After having a brief list of wedding photography studios with reference product samples, the bride and groom should choose a few studios with wedding photography styles that suit their aesthetic taste and desires. Each couple has a different preference for shooting styles, from classic, luxurious to modern, unconventional, shooting in a studio to avoid the hot sun or taking outdoor photos with candid shots. For example, let’s filter again to have a list of Studios that provide the necessary services to decide on consulting.

4. Choose the time to take wedding photos and receive the Album

After being consulted directly by the Studio and choosing a beautiful wedding photography unit that is suitable for the couple, they should clearly note the date and time of the appointment to try on costumes, makeup, etc. And if there are any unusual incidents on the day of the shoot. Can wedding photos (like it’s raining, crowded, the makeup artist is too bad, the dress is wrinkled, damaged…) be changed to another day? Determine in advance the time needed for Make-up, the time needed for the Studio’s shooting plan, how many people there are in the crew, day or night shooting, and the scheduled rest time for the bride and groom and the crew. How to arrange?

Những lưu ý khi chụp hình cưới

5. Sign an agreement with the wedding photography studio and make a deposit

Each wedding photography unit often has different incentive programs for different wedding service packages. Couples should take note of the included incentives. If they don’t use them, they can try negotiating to exchange them for another service. In addition, check again the cost of each item needed for the wedding photography session such as costume rental, makeup, filming crew and other incidentals. Payment terms, arising issues and troubleshooting should also be agreed upon with the wedding photography studio and carefully noted before depositing the photography package.

6. Choose a specific wedding photography concept

Before officially taking wedding photos, couples should choose a specific Background or Concept. In case you want to take a Korean-style wedding photo album, the couple can choose a plain background or a set decorated with basic furniture. Besides, wedding photos often have other concepts such as Rooftop, Simple plain background, indoor or outdoor. Choosing a few specific Concepts will help the couple save time choosing outfits and makeup styles to prepare for the photo shoot day.

7. Choose an outfit for the photo session

After determining the wedding photography concept, the bride should choose 1-2 more wedding dresses, the groom should choose a Vest or Tuxedo along with some street clothes, going out or couple clothes according to their preferences. You can preview the Studio’s samples or ask for advice from the photography unit to get the most perfect coordination

8. Refer to some ways to pose

To have a beautiful studio wedding photo set depends on many factors. From costumes, makeup, and accessories, you must choose carefully. In particular, the pose for studio wedding photography determines whether the photo is natural or not. So, brides and grooms, let’s review some basic wedding photography poses together in advance to avoid getting stuck in front of the camera and save time to create many beautiful photos.

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