Outdoor wedding parties are currently one of the most popular genres among many individuals. Let’s arrange the ultimate, unforgettable outdoor wedding celebration together in this article.

How to throw the perfect, unforgettable outdoor wedding party?
How to throw the perfect, unforgettable outdoor wedding party?

Outdoor Ceremony Setup

Selecting the perfect venue

While almost every component of a wedding is optional, from wearing a suit instead of a gown to skipping the flowers to skipping the wedding cake, one thing cannot be skipped: the venue. However, locating the ideal location is difficult. There are numerous possibilities available, whether you choose a gorgeous barn, an opulent ballroom, a charming café, or a peaceful stretch of coastline.

So we contacted a few wedding planners to share their best venue-finding advice:

  • Consult a planner beforehand.
  • Select a place that fits your concept.
  • Know your guest list.
  • Keep your budget in mind.
  • Consider your visitors’ experience.
  • Think about what is included.
  • Stay true to yourself.

Incorporating natural elements into the ceremony decor

With the growing popularity of outdoor weddings, what could be more beautiful than a touch of nature? Bring the outside inside by including branches or even full trees, and use tiny items like coral on your place settings; the possibilities are unlimited! Natural components are an easy, economical, and attractive way to give your wedding day a sophisticated yet natural feel. We’ve gathered some incredible nature-inspired wedding ideas to get you inspired for your big day:

  • Elements that have been dried: natural artifacts and dried blossoms,…

Plan the perfect, unforgettable outdoor wedding party

  • Traditional yet organic: Add large, dramatic blossoms to your tablescape design to make it stand out, and florals to the backs of your bride and groom chairs.

Plan the perfect, unforgettable outdoor wedding party

  • Fruit: Adding color-complementing accents to floral designs such as grapes, seeds, pomegranates, and berries of all kinds.

Plan the perfect, unforgettable outdoor wedding party

Decor and seating arrangements

While assigned seating at a wedding is not required, most couples do develop a wedding seating chart. At any type of sit-down dinner event, including your wedding reception, assigned seats simply make things easier. You’ll have it (nearly) figured out in no time if you follow these professional guidelines.

  • Keep in touch with your buddies.
  • Determine where your parents will sit.
  • Divide your guests into groups.
  • Enlist your parents’ assistance in seating their pals.
  • Consider a children’s table.

Lighting and atmosphere

Wedding lighting will not only enhance the look of the location but will also accentuate the décor items you spent so much time developing and designing, whether the celebration is indoors or outdoors. Lighting can also help focus on significant locations that you want to emphasize, such as the cake table or head table.

The entire look and feel of your wedding is referred to as the wedding environment. It’s referred to as “the vibe” by some. The number of your guests, ceremony and reception location(s), décor, clothes, cuisine, and entertainment are all determined by your vision for your wedding.

Weather Considerations and a Backup Plan

Cold Weather

When the weather prediction unexpectedly changes to be much cooler than expected, you can easily add more layers to your wedding gown.

If you’re wearing a bridal gown, you can accessorize with a bolero or wrap. When wearing a suit, you can accessorize with a scarf or coat when going outside. Plus, if your other half is wearing a suit jacket and you’re wearing a dress, grab their warmer clothing for a few shots; you’ll stay warm while looking gorgeous!

Wet Weather

Wet weather is obviously the biggest threat to British weddings, and you won’t get as much notice as you would with a heat wave or snow storm, so having a rain plan in your back pocket is always a good idea.

Why not include a gorgeous umbrella in your wedding kit so you have it on hand in case of rain? I would strongly advise against using bright, colorful golf umbrellas or similar items because the colors can wind up reflecting onto your faces in images.

There are plain white or see-through umbrellas available, as well as more intricate lace-style white umbrellas. Similarly, if you really want images that play up the fact that it was raining on your wedding day, I’ve seen entertaining ones with ironic wedding features like love hearts or wedding dresses on them.

One thing to keep in mind with super-wet weddings: rain on marquees may be really loud, so make sure you have a microphone system set up so that you can hear your speeches if super-heavy rain is anticipated for your marquee wedding day.

Hot Weather

If you’re planning to tie the knot during a heat wave, make sure you have enough extra drinks and water for guests, as the combination of hot weather and alcohol can be dangerous. If you are concerned about the heat, try providing fans for your guests or leasing air conditioning units.

Reception Setup and Decor

  • Keep your lobby clean and orderly.
  • The way you handle your office reflects how you run your business in general.
  • Create a welcoming yet professional environment.
  • Choose a layout with a clear traffic flow.
  • Invest in quality furniture.

Outdoor Reception Delights

An outdoor reception offers a delightful and enchanting experience for both the couple and their guests. The open-air setting adds a touch of natural beauty and creates a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. One of the most delightful aspects of an outdoor reception is the breathtaking backdrop it provides, be it a picturesque garden, a beachfront view, or a charming vineyard. The gentle breeze, warm sunlight, and starry skies combine to create a magical ambiance that sets the perfect stage for celebration. Guests are free to move around, engage in conversations, and take in the scenic views. From elegant outdoor seating arrangements to whimsical decor accents, an outdoor reception offers endless possibilities for creativity and personalization. Whether it’s dancing under the stars, savoring delectable cuisine in the open air, or simply immersing oneself in the beauty of nature, an outdoor reception guarantees unforgettable moments and everlasting memories.

Guests are free to move around ,engage in conversations
Guests are free to move around ,engage in conversations

Entertainment and music

  • There is a live band. Incorporate live music into your wedding reception to give your guests the impression that they are attending a concert!
  • DJ and saxophone
  • Photo booth with a magic mirror.
  • The Ferris wheel
  • The bounce house
  • Caricatures. 
  • Acrobats. 
  • Bourbon lounge. 

Outdoor Wedding Safety

If you’re planning a wedding, you should take the appropriate precautions to keep your guests safe. There’s no use in taking a chance! Continue reading for five sensible methods to celebrate safely and ensure your guests have a good time while reducing risk factors to a minimum:

  • Make use of outdoor and open-air areas.
  • Throughout the day, maintain socially separated seating.
  • Don’t skimp on germ defense.
  • Consider conducting on-site testing.
  • Safely serve food.
You should take the appropriate precautions to keep your guests safe
You should take the appropriate precautions to keep your guests safe

Planning the perfect, spectacular outdoor wedding party is difficult no matter when you get married, but add the stress of a long-term pandemic, and you have a lot more difficulties to consider. THO’s Wedding is trained and experienced in considering all conceivable scenarios and developing solutions that are best for you, your guests, and your budget. Contact the hotline at (+84) 905 223 049 or (+84) 905 090 407 right away so that THO can assist you as soon as possible.


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