Dung & Hien,

A couple with two opposite personalities but very compatible. When coming to THO’s Wedding, two young people expressed their desire to organize an outdoor wedding in a new and different style, but somewhere still very close to everyone. Let’s see how THO’s team planned and organized!

Dung & Hien’s outdoor wedding was chosen to be held at MIKAZUKI JAPANESE RESORTS & SPA Da Nang. This place is known as the TOP destination for outdoor weddings in Da Nang, so join THO’s Wedding to find out what it would be like to hold a wedding here!

Two pieces of the puzzle finding each other, going through the process of love and deciding to turn a new page is a wonderful thing for both of them. From the affectionate eyes they gave each other, THO’s realized that “Ah! This is a couple who loves romance and the team will have to create many special moments for this couple”.


.Before starting the outdoor ceremony, Dung & Hien had a quiet moment in two separate rooms to look back at their journey of love, writing down their feelings and promises to reveal to each other during the ceremony.


Based on the colors in the love story of Dung & Hien. The outdoor wedding ceremony was painted by THO’s with a floral concept with pastel tones such as Pink, Orange, and White as the main colors, combined with a little blue and brown as highlights.

An outdoor ceremony held under the late afternoon sun with the witness and blessings of loved ones, THO’s firmly believes that Dung & Hien have their own special feelings that have never been shared before. can forget.


The moment the bride Thuc Hien appeared, she was moved to see the scene of her dream ceremony come true. Most especially, right on stage was the guy I loved. Tears are made of happiness.

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The blessings for the couple are endless, so why don’t we turn them into balloons and release them into the sky together. Praying that happiness will always prevail and everyone’s love will always protect this lovebird couple.

tiệc cưới ngoài trời
wedding decoration đà nẵng, tiệc cưới ngoài trời

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