Outdoor weddings are a hot trend chosen by many couples because of their liberal style and ideal open space. However, to be able to organize a successful outdoor party that leaves an impression on the guests of both sides, it is necessary to have its own secrets. Here are 100 Best Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas Romantic Space.

Dreamy outdoor wedding decoration concepts

  • Rustic outdoor wedding: For couples who love simplicity and gentleness, they can choose a rustic wedding style such as: using a few tree branches, field flowers, and lanterns,…to decorate the party space. marry. These are accessories that exude a familiar, close look that brings a feeling of warmth and lightness.
  • Bright flower bouquet decoration ideas: Decorate by hanging flower branches and light bulbs if the wedding party is held at night. Incorporating lighting effects will evoke the feeling of thousands of glowing fireflies at your outdoor wedding party. This will definitely create a feeling of poetic and romantic space for outdoor wedding decoration.
  • Vintage style outdoor wedding party: It can be seen that the classic trend is very popular in wedding decoration. You can hang glass jars in a tubular structure as a backdrop for an outdoor wedding. With the pretty bows tied on the neck, combined with a few branches of dried flowers, you will have a vintage photography backdrop.
Rustic outdoor wedding concept
Rustic outdoor wedding concept

Romantic and beautiful outdoor wedding decoration ideas

  • Classic European-style: Exuding a sophisticated, timeless beauty, the outdoor wedding party has a classic European style. Usually, this wedding party will avoid decorating things with cumbersome details, focusing only on elegant objects, containing delicate patterns. The main color tone of this decoration is usually white and cream. In addition, with this style of wedding organization, you also need to choose the right location, beaches, resorts, and restaurants with elegantly decorated gardens will be the best choice for you.
  • Minimalist wedding style outdoor wedding decoration: Contrary to the lavish, extravagant style is the wedding party in the style of minimalism. This wedding party will be a great choice for a young couple who likes elegance and sophistication. This style focuses on simplicity, not using too many decorative objects but still creating a feeling that is both romantic and sweet enough for the wedding day. Usually with outdoor Minimalist weddings, pastel green is the main color.
  • Romantic style wedding: Taking advantage of outdoor wedding parties such as in the forest, or at the beach, you can organize a party with a romantic style. To make the love story of a young couple more sublime, you can design your party space to be a movie scene that both of you like. Or you can also use items that symbolize love to design a more romantic space such as pure white candles to create lightness as the motto of this style. The wedding gate is decorated with vines, and the walkway covered with rose petals following the bride’s footsteps will bring a romantic and harmonious outdoor wedding decoration scene.
You can organize an outdoor wedding party with a romantic style at the beach 
You can organize an outdoor wedding party with a romantic style at the beach

Choose a decoration style that suits the surrounding space

Choose long tables

Currently, many couples when holding outdoor wedding parties often choose long tables instead of traditional round tables. Outdoor weddings are usually held in a small, cozy space with guests who are the closest people of the bride and groom. 

Their advantage is to make it easier for guests to interact and chat with each other. When using small round tables with the number of 6-8 people, the guests who know them before will sit at the same table, difficult to have the opportunity to interact and chat with others. In addition, using a long table makes it a lot easier for your guests to move around than a round table.

Beautiful outdoor wedding decoration with fresh flowers

Using a lot of fresh flowers is a simple and easy way to decorate an outdoor wedding. Fresh flowers make the space more dreamy and sweet. However, fresh flowers easily wilt in hot weather, so you need to pay attention to choose long-lasting flowers such as hydrangeas, roses,… and learn carefully how to preserve flowers fresh for a long time.

Beautiful outdoor wedding party with fresh flowers
Beautiful outdoor wedding party with fresh flowers

Use the right lighting system

The LED lights will make the outdoor wedding space more sparkling and romantic. The bride and groom can use white or yellow light bulbs to decorate the dining table in combination with string lights to help make the wedding space more gentle.

In addition, you can combine more chandeliers to decorate the gallery table or wedding stage. Depending on the concept of outdoor wedding decoration, the couple can choose the most suitable light color for the most harmony.

Combining fresh flowers with silk flowers

Instead of using all fresh flowers or plastic flowers, many brides and grooms today have interesting combinations with silk flowers. The high-class silk flower vases on the banquet table will make your outdoor table much more delicate and luxurious. In particular, using silk flowers, you will not worry about the weather causing the flowers to wilt or not be fresh.

Dreamy outdoor wedding concepts
Dreamy outdoor wedding concepts

Some notes when organizing an outdoor wedding party

Here are the most romantic and perfect outdoor wedding tips for couples on the big day:

  • The number of guests is suitable for the space: You need to make a guest list before booking the party place.
  • Parking place for guests: arrange a suitable parking place for guests to feel secure and more convenient when attending the wedding party.
  • Choose a professional and reputable wedding planning company: Outdoor parties are held in an open space, so the selection of other equipment such as lighting systems and sound systems is also more important. Therefore, it is necessary to find a reputable outdoor wedding organizer, specializing in providing a variety of wedding services and always satisfying customers with creativity and dedication to support the couple in the preparation process for the wedding party.
Some notes when organizing an outdoor wedding party
Some notes when organizing an outdoor wedding party

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