Holding an outdoor wedding ceremony is now a trend chosen by many couples because of romance and harmony with nature. Sunset on the open sea or garden space filled with green trees will definitely help you and your guests have unforgettable emotions. So what to do to have the most perfect outdoor wedding backdrop, refer to the 10 most popular outdoor wedding decoration suggestions!

THO’s wedding backdrop
THO’s wedding backdrop

What is a wedding backdrop?

In important events or weddings, the backdrop has become too familiar. But to understand what the backdrop is, not everyone knows. In a simple way, the outdoor wedding backdrop is the wedding stage backdrop. However, backdrops are applied more in life and have variations to become more diverse and impressive. The materials to create the backdrop are quite diverse: Backdrop of silk flowers, confetti, fresh flowers, 3D, … The size can depend on the grandeur of the wedding party, and the space that the wedding planners have different designs. The backdrop is the face of your wedding party. A beautiful wedding backdrop template for the bride and groom to frame beautiful memories with family and friends.

How to create a beautiful wedding background and match the couple’s style?

In order to have a beautiful and appropriate wedding backdrop, it is necessary to first determine that the wedding background plays an important role in decorating the wedding space, and has a certain meaning for the couple’s big day:

  • Expression of the couple’s personality and style: The wedding background shows the creativity, style, and individuality of the couple. Each background picture is a story, expressing the uniqueness, interests, and feelings of both.
  • Capture the moment: This is where the couple and guests take pictures, record the most beautiful and sweet moments. These photos will be eternal memories, part of their love record.
  • Create a highlight for the ceremony: The wedding background creates the main decoration space and becomes the center of attention of the ceremony. It helps the festival space become warm, romantic, and unique.
  • Connect with the wedding theme: If a couple chooses a specific theme for their wedding, the background helps bring that theme into the festive space, creating unity and completeness.
How to create a beautiful wedding background
How to create a beautiful wedding background

Suggest some ideas to decorate the Outdoor Wedding Backdrop

Copper Square Arch

Using blocks with metal materials or coated with imitation metal colors such as copper, gray, and silver Metallics style is being applied a lot in modern weddings.

Wedding Flower Wall

Flowers are one of the most loved symbols of love. Therefore, the wedding decorated with many kinds of fresh flowers will definitely make your party space more sparkling and luxurious. 

Wedding Flower Wall
Wedding Flower Wall

Floral Hoop Backdrop

The floral Hoop Backdrop represents life. There is no beginning and no end, it is a whole. The circular wedding flower gate is perfect and harmonious. It also represents femininity. 

Monogram Wall Wedding Backdrop

According to the traditional Vietnamese wedding concept, on the wedding day of the bride and groom, the use of the couple’s name on the backdrop is extremely important and meaningful. Send in your wishes for a happy and sustainable married life of the young couple and share through Monogram Wall Wedding Backdrop.

Crepe Paper Outdoor Wedding Backdrop

Crepe paper outdoor wedding backdrop is very well received Because the wedding backdrop made from confetti is a simple and beautiful choice. For couples who like elegance and sophistication but don’t want to spend too much time and money on decorating the flower gate, this paper flower gate model will definitely be a great choice. 

THO’s outdoor wedding flower gate
THO’s outdoor wedding flower gate

Floral Arrangements and Crates Made of Wood

High-Standing Grass Backdrop

Using High-Standing Grass Backdrops in wedding decoration not only brings freshness and elegance. Besides, the natural green color also symbolizes fertility and fertility throughout the night, the lasting happiness of marriage. Especially for couples who love rustic style, close to nature, High-Standing Grass Backdrop will be one of the reasonable choices.

High-Standing Grass Backdrop
High-Standing Grass Backdrop

Candle Display Wedding Backdrop

The beautiful wedding stage template decorated with candlelight and silk ribbons matches the style of the wedding, and the candles around the stage area and the bride and groom’s entrance will be the right choice to help. The party is more romantic and cozy, sure to please the couples.

Notes when decorating the outdoor wedding backdrop

When organizing an outdoor wedding, you should keep a few points in mind when designing the stage and outdoor wedding backdrop to make the party more perfect.

  • Sound and light system: With an outdoor wedding, stage lighting preparation is very important. Most of the venues are quite large, and although there are lighting systems, the organizers should prepare generators to prevent power outages due to insufficient loads.
  • Stage size: Normally, an average wedding stage will be 6x4m or 4x3m in size. Depending on the actual outdoor space, the stage design can be reasonably adjusted to create aesthetic beauty.
  • View of the stage: The wedding stage needs to be placed in a position with a good viewing angle so that all guests can see the whole process of the wedding celebration. 
  • Note the weather factor: When choosing an outdoor wedding, weather factors can affect the perfection of the wedding party. Therefore, you should prepare umbrellas, umbrellas, and canvas for rainy or sunny weather. If possible, make a roof for the stage to ensure the safest during the wedding party.
THO’s outdoor wedding backdrop
THO’s outdoor wedding backdrop

With 8 years of experience in the field of wedding reception, THO wishes to become a companion, a reliable companion in the journey of couples. For us, a wedding is an expression of love and pride and every wedding should capture the best moments of each couple. That’s why we always strive to bring our customers a perfect wedding ceremony just for the two of you.


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