How Much For A Destination Wedding In Vietnam?

Do you know about the cost of organizing a destination wedding in Vietnam?

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Nowadays, outdoor weddings are a trend chosen by many couples around the world. In particular, Vietnam is a country possessing many beautiful natural landscapes stretching across the country. With affordable costs, it attracts many domestic and foreign couples to organize travel weddings. In this article, THO’s Wedding Planner will review the locations and costs for a destination wedding in Vietnam.

TOP 5 Outdoor Wedding Venues in Vietnam

As a country with many top resorts, clear blue beaches and a pleasant climate, organizing outdoor weddings in Vietnam is gradually becoming a trend.

1/ Da Nang

It’s not an exaggeration to say, because this is the most beautiful outdoor wedding venue in Vietnam. With many beautiful resorts that attract young Vietnamese couples. Foreign couples come to Da Nang to hold a wedding.

Recently, a super wedding of Hayden and Hannah was held at InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort. Besides the million-dollar view, the couple had some memorable moments. The wedding was attended by family and distant friends.

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2/ Ha Long

Next is an outdoor wedding venue in Vietnam that is not inferior to Da Nang. That is Ha Long, the beautiful coastal city of Vietnam.

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Located in Quang Ninh province and bordering the Gulf of Tonkin. Ha Long City is famous for its unique cuisine, friendly people and pleasant climate. When you come here, you will admire the scenery like a real tropical paradise. Ha Long Bay, with nearly 2,000 large and small islands, has become a famous wedding destination in recent years.

Destination Wedding in Nha Trang

The transnational love story of Iivari and Thao Tra has turned a new page. A wedding in beautiful Ha Long, with thousands of blessings from everyone. THO’s Planner believes that the couple had unforgettable emotions.

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Next, we cannot help but mention Sa Pa. With an altitude of 1600m above sea level, it is the venue for a romantic, splendid and elegant mountain wedding that recently took place in Sapa. A little mist effect from nature unintentionally adds a romantic touch to the wedding ceremony.

Quy and Tram, a couple who have been together for more than 15 years, cherished a romantic wedding in Sa Pa. It’s a pleasure to be the unit that makes the couple’s dream come true.

Destination Wedding in Sapa


Because it is a dreamy and romantic city, this place has preserved many sweet love relationships. It is not difficult for a couple to find an outdoor wedding venue in this City of Flowers.

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Tri and Thy – came to THO’s Planner with their love for the cold air and scenery in Da Lat. Therefore, without delay, a “boisterous” wedding here was organized and planned within 3 months.

Wedding agency in Sapa
Wedding agency in Sapa


It is a place that attracts a lot of tourists, because of the pleasant atmosphere and friendly people. Not only that, the cost of organizing a wedding here is very reasonable, with many super nice resorts and restaurants.

Tamera and Alexander, a couple who always love to explore new lands. That’s why they chose to hold their wedding in Phu Quoc – a place they had never been to.

Destination Wedding in Phu Quoc
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Venue Costs for Outdoor Weddings in Vietnam

With experience in organizing many outdoor weddings across Vietnam, THO’s Wedding Planner has drawn from a number of data sources that the cost of outdoor weddings in Vietnam is about 50$ – 100$ /guest. Revealing that couples should go through Wedding Planner units to get more preferential prices.

Menu Cost for Outdoor Weddings in Vietnam

There will be many options for how to serve food for outdoor weddings. You can hire a restaurant service to serve traditional dishes, or if you want your guests to have a more memorable experience, consider a buffet or BBQ party.

What you need to do is estimate the food portions of all guests. For this part, the cost will range from 15$ – 30$ /person depending on the menu the couple chooses. In addition, for outdoor weddings, there is often a Tea-break party for guests before the ceremony at a cost of about 12$ – 30$ /guest.

Decoration Costs for Outdoor Weddings in Vietnam

When choosing an outdoor wedding location, you must have considered the landscape of that area, so consider decorative elements that are also suitable for the landscape. And outdoor wedding decorations often account for the majority of organizational costs.

You can take advantage of decorative items already in the house such as lamps, vases and wildflower leaves everywhere. This not only makes the wedding space more creative but also brings a feeling of familiarity and closeness to the guests.

Depending on whether the party has a wedding planner team or not; What materials are used in the decoration process: fabric flowers, fresh flowers, candles, scented wax,… ranging from 1,000$- 8,000,000$ /concept

Planner Costs for Outdoor Weddings in Vietnam

On average, the cost of renting a Wedding Planner as a package can range from 400 $ to 1000$, depending on the tasks to be done in the package.

  • If you only need the service of running the program and coordinating the wedding party on the day of the event, the cost will range from 300$-400$, depending on the Wedding Planner.
  • If you want to use the wedding planning service from the beginning, the cost will be about 800$ – 1000$.
  • Although it can be considered a high cost, when compared to the time needed to prepare for the wedding, from 3 months – 1 year or even more, this amount is completely reasonable for the job. the effort that Wedding Planner has put into it.

Other Costs for Outdoor Weddings in Vietnam

In addition to the above items, an outdoor wedding also includes:

  • Taking photos and filming: 400$-500$
  • MC: 200$ – 400$
  • Music band: 200$ – 300$
  • Singer: 150 – 300$
  • Dance: 200$-400$
  • Sound, light: 200$-400$
  • Wedding outfit: 800 – 1000$
  • Make up: 200$ – 300$
  • Other costs incurred: 400-600$

Although the preparation process for an outdoor wedding is quite laborious, the results are truly impressive. Your wedding will bring an extremely memorable experience to your guests. But if you feel pressured and worried about not being able to prepare all the wedding items, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

You can look for wedding planner services, with extensive experience and a wide network of relationships in the wedding industry, they may have good deals to reduce some of your wedding costs.

Finally, whether during the preparation process or right at the wedding, enjoy every moment of the most important event of your life.

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