Black & white indoor wedding

Black & White Indoor Wedding

Thiện & Ngọc

The couple chose Vietnam Wedding Planner to coordinate their ceremony, and our professional team ensured they got everything they wished for. The venue is, by itself, a beautiful embodiment of minimalism and luxury, giving them complete freedom in the choice of theme and composition.

black & white wedding


A black & white wedding is synonymous with elegance. Being such a simple combination, these shades can give the event a minimalist and opulent note.

With monochrome style you can give your wedding both a vintage and a modern vibe. Regardless of your choice, one thing is certain: This theme is timeless!

black & white wedding

Black & White Wedding Moments

Thiện and Ngọc’s wedding space is recreated sparklingly and vividly. Accompanied by melodious music, they held hands and turned to a new page, after many challenges in their love journey.

Black & White Wedding Ceremony

The program has an indoor decoration, the majority of guests are friends and relatives. THO’s has taken advantage of the space to place the ceremony area in the front, followed by long tables to help save space and costs. Enough to ensure the closeness and interaction between guests and the couple that the team discussed.

black & white wedding

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